Tuesday, December 29, 2015

CHERIMOA Animal Mask

Best. Chrimoa Animal Mask

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僵尸面膜 Ghost Mask
 Anti-Wrinkles / Anti-Aging / Skin Elasticity
Contains 24k Gold!
Certified 23 Herbal extracts from FDA + 24k Gold!
24k Gold's anti-aging effect and its ability of preventing skin problems help to keep skin healthy and beautiful!

*FDA means Secret of 23 herbal extracts.
-Brightens the tone of your skin
-Builds a protective film and makes suitable for sensitive skin.
-Captures moisture and keeps your skin 24hours moist 

老虎面膜 Tiger Mask
Anti-Wrinkles / Provide Nutrition
Contains Tiger Grass Extract!
Certified 23 Herbal extracts from FDA + Tiger Grass Extracts
"Asiaticoside" in Tiger glass , Increases collagen, prevents elastin breakdown and promotes skin elasticity!

熊貓面膜 Panda Mask
Whitening Skin / Provide Nutrition
Contains Bamboo Extracts!
Certified 23 Herbal extracts from FDA + Bamboo Extracts
Abundant minerals in bamboo prevent skin aging and help to maintain healthy skin

企鵝面膜 Penguin Mask
M.N.F Aqua Moisturizing / Soothing Skin 
Contains Natural Bedrock water!
Certified 23 Herbal extracts from FDA + Natural Bedrock Water
Natural Bedrock water throughly moisturizes skin and help developing smooth and moist skin 

KEY POINT of Chrimoa animal mask
Important fact of mask pack is quality of essence.
Chrimoa animal mask has effectiveness with 23 herbal extract for 
dry skin / sensitive skin / and all skin types of needing care.

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